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5331 Kenderes
Vasút út 5/A.

About the firm (Célbeton Ltd)

The Célbeton Ltd was founded as a family enterprise in 2008. The firm primarily deals with the production and transportation of ready-mixed concrete and concrete elements and also with the marketing of their materials.

The concrete is an artificial building material that is made up a mixture of cement, water, aggregates and in case of necessity admixtures. The development and research of concrete has grown into a separate discipline by today.

The Célbeton Ltd acquired a Factory Production Control Certificate (No: 20-CPR-137- (C-21/2012)) attested by ÉMI Nonprofit Ltd.

The Célbeton Ltd has been waiting his customers with a continuously growing supply since 2008. The firm has implemented a number of developments lately. In order to meet the needs of the increasing number of customers, and the requirements of our age, it was necessary to purchase new machines partly to raise the capacity of the existing machinery and also because of introducing new activities.

Endre Csíki
Executive Director